Potential of Dry Ice Powder

Why DIPS uses Dry Ice "Powder"

The 30um Dry Ice Powder processed by DIPS will instantly Vaporize and Gasify in barometric pressure, so that nothing will be left as residue. Besides, Dry Ice Powder doesn't have power except Assist Air. So that there is no harm for work piece. As the coolant, DIPS can realize completely DRY processing to make the treatment after processing easy.

Low temperature without Condensation

Assist air prevents the trouble

DIPS's Air dryer, makes the dew point of assist air under -40, and with DIPS's internal heater, makes the temperature 60 . Besides, with special structure of nozzle, Assist Air and Dry Ice Powder will be covered with Shield Air. Only the Dry Ice Powder, processing point will be cooled in instant. But with Jetting together with Dry air, it prevent instant cooling and avoiding condensation.

3 Types of Driving System

We can offer you specification follows your inquiry

1. The manual type
Standard type. Operator will control it on manual
2. Timer type
The timer can control the time of Dry Ice Jetting.
3. NC controlling type
Controlled by M signal form NC.
Hose, Length of cable can be follow your inquiry.

Compact System

High portability which can be attach every kind of Machine

DIPS is so compact system that it can be attach to every kind of machines. It doesn't need remodeling of machine. Also it is easy to attach on other machine. Today is on Machining, and tomorrow might be lathe...DIPS can be used in many aspect.